Other services

Outsourcing, streamlining, and cleaning up are our main services, but we also help a number of companies getting their management reporting under control.

Furthermore, we offer additional services as required by each individual company. One example is budgeting as it is our experience that many companies need help in obtaining better management of the company.


– a critical management tool

More often than not, companies do not draw up a realistic and carefully prepared budget due to lack of user-friendly and readily accessible budgeting tools.

When collaborating with Skovborg & Co. Aps we will assist key personnel in the organization preparing realistic budgets which can be used as a reliable management tool. We have the necessary familiarity with business principles to see through the figures and understand budgeting in relation to the overall business strategy, whether the budget concerns management, sales, the storehouse, or a store.

Our budget model is simple to use and quickly provide a complete overview. We also prepare a graphic representation of your budget giving you a better understanding of how the budget is composed.

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