Does this dialogue look familiar to you?



We had to remove our Financial Manager…
Chairman of the board: Why – what happened?
CEO: We had some unfortunate incidents with errors in the figures.
Chairman of the board: What is going to happen now?
CEO: The people in the finance department are very busy. I’ll take a look, but I’m afraid we cannot hold the field until we find a new Financial Manager.
Chairman of the board: Have you considered finding an Interim Financial Manager right away to avoid that the staff members are overcome by the increased workload?

Reconstruction and cleaning up

At Skovborg & Co., you can ‘rent’ specialist knowledge related to positions such as Financial Managers, Accounts Managers, controllers and bookkeepers thus providing interim management of your finance function.

Before: The Financial Manager is no longer in the company. The company has a need for additional resources for a limited period of time.

During: We are experienced specialists, and within a short period, we clean up and obtain an overview of work processes in the financial and accounting function and arrange any missing procedures. We can cover functions such as business support or controlling, or as a temporary manager of the finance department, as required.

After: We organized the clean-up and made the finance function transparent and accessible. Consequently, a new permanent staff member will get a good start in his or her position.

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