Does this dialogue look familiar to you?

CEO A:  

I think the consumption of resources in our accounting department in Denmark has increased unreasonably. And they don’t return to me regarding even simple questions such as an analysis of the figures.

CEO B:  

Is Mary still your bookkeeper in Denmark?

CEO A:  

Yes, she’s still the bookkeeper. She’s been here for 18 years and is complete in control of the records. But she’s not really able to help me interpreting the figures and the development. And maybe things could be done much more efficient – Mary does everything the same way she did when she started 18 years ago.

CEO B:   

18 years?! Then you certainly need someone to get processes and tasks into the proper perspective.

Streamlining (work processes etc.)

At Skovborg & Co., we can help you get your work processes streamlined but also your corporate policies, business needs, management reporting, etc.

Before: The finance function lacks new input for optimization purposes. Winds of change has not blown across the department for many years, and there may be a need for additional resources for a limited period of time to get control of everything.

During: Our long experience with business activities put us in a position to make high-performing within the finance function, optimize, and streamline work processes in a finance function. The staff members will be equipped to carry out their jobs in the most optimum manner, and everybody will know the direction and goal of the company.

After: The work processes have been upgraded and optimized, and the company has been streamlined in the sense that everybody in the finance department is heading in the same direction. That will make the finance function a competent sparring partner and internal supplier to management and the entire business.

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