Does this dialogue look familiar to you?


What is your experience with outsourcing of the accounting function in the subsidiary company?

Chairman of the board:

Do you consider outsourcing the book-keeping or has your auditor taken over some of your tasks?


No, I’m looking for a more flexible solution. We need a finance professional temporarily, until we can employ on a permanent basis again. It’s not sufficient with an occasional bookkeeper – we need one who can assume responsibility for the finance function as well as being our sparring partner.

Chairman of the board: That sounds like a good idea, and from what I hear, it’s becoming increasingly common.

Outsourcing (the finance function)

Give us the responsibility for your finance administration, and we will give you a flexible high-quality solution

At Skovborg & Co., we are specialized in the administration of foreign-owned subsidiaries. We take care of the financial functions, provide business support to the Danish-located company, comply with local legislation, and deliver timely and high-quality reports to senior management at the parent/headquarters.

We offer an overall solution which is adapted to you and your needs, whether it is a traditional monthly reporting with focus on KPIs or our visual monthly reporting in colours of your choice.

Most important is that the tasks and challenges you face are solved, and that together we will find the optimal solution.

When working in partnership with Skovborg & Co. you will get:

  • Flexibility: You get access to an experienced team of bookkeepers, controllers, and financial managers and accountants. Depending on the task to be done, we will find the best solution – and you, of course, only pay for the time we spend on your tasks. At least two of our employees with thorough knowledge of your company will be available.
  • Ownership: We take full responsibility for the tasks to be solved, either at your location or at one of our Danish offices in Brøndby or Roskilde just outside of Copenhagen. We use your or our own systems, depending on which is the most optimal solution.
  • Business knowledge: Knowledge combined with many years of international experience at Skovborg & Co. provides us with the necessary economic knowledge to assist you in a professional manner.
  • Price: We deliver high quality at competitive prices

We can help ensure that you also get a stronger foundation for profit and growth!


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