Does this dialogue look familiar to you?


I need an overview of the financial situation in the Danish subsidiary company enabling me to make the right decisions on the basis of an informed choice on a daily basis. The accounting figures only give me a snapshot of the business.

Chairman of the board: 

I agree. How’d you like the idea of just selecting some key figures and monitor them on a regular basis instead of going through the accounts from A to Z?


Brilliant idea! Could I have the overview in colours to make it easy for me to see the development of the figures?

Management reporting

– Use your accounting figures in connection with your operation, growth, and communication of the company

If a company does not get enough out of their accounting figures it may affect the results and strategies of the company. When collaborating with Skovborg & Co. to get control of the management reporting you make sure that everybody in the organisation will understand the economic data.

The reporting of the accounting figures will be adapted to the target group, whether be it management, sales, the storehouse, or a store. Subsequently, we will adapt the reports to the corporate needs. It could be everything from drawing up a report in colours targeted non-finance people to reports adapted to international reporting requirements.

Further, we prepare a graphic representation of your accounts making it easy for you to obtain a visual understanding of how the financial results cohere. And when we are in charge of the management reporting you can also rely on the fact that we will take care of the communication and utilization of key figures, budgeting, budget model, and useful online tools for reporting/budgeting.

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